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    • JayR68
      Getting married in 17 months
      Posted: Jun 11th 2020
      Is poweruserBadgeBadge
    Is there anyone in Devon or getting married in Devon that can give me any idea on a nice venue that doesn't cost the world. We want to get married where we will be having the reception. Everything seems to be so expensive. We are looking for somewhere in the price range of about £4000, £4500 max! iv looked all over the internet and iv got prices for everywhere. My head hurts and i just want a beautiful wedding that wont cost the world. we have been planning for 2 years with nothing booked. I just want to get married to my better half now and need to find something affordable but beautiful! We only have 45 day guests including us and an extra 20 for the evening. i didn't think it would cost so much for so little guests.

    sorry for the long status, just really need some help.

    Thank you.

    Jadine Roache

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