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Wedding Forum - Using own caterers (Gloucestershire)...

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    • CommentAuthorLoisC72
      Posted: Aug 18th 2020

    Looking for advice! So my fiancé is a chef, and food is therefore pretty much the most important thing to him at the wedding. In an ideal world I think he’d like to do it himself! I’m happy to give him total free reign over the food aspect of things. He’s contacted a Chef friend who will do us an amazing deal and has agreed to be our caterer. I know how important this is to him, but it seems this is going to prove tricky as so many venues seem to have their own preferred caterers that they won’t budge on.

    Anyone got any ideas of venues in Gloucestershire (we’re based in the Forest of Dean so would also consider Chepstow sort of area, which would be handy for majority of my family who are in Bristol.. or this side of Herefordshire) that allow you to use your own caterers? We’d be looking around 60-80 day guests and allow an additional 60 for the evening.

    Any ideas or thoughts would be most appreciated, thank you!
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