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    • CM182
      Getting married in 6 months
      Posted: Jan 22nd 2020
    We have both decided that we are not having parents on the top table, due to them either being no longer with us or parents are separated and remarried, so we decided on just having best man and bridesmaids on the top table with us. However we only have a best man - H2B doesn't want any ushers, and i had 2 bridesmaids but now only one due to one no longer wanting to attend. This would leave me and my partner, and a bridesmaid and best man on the top table.

    I cant help thinking that this is too little and will end up looking daft but cant think what else to do. We didn't want a sweet heart table because we are not keen on being majorly centre of attention.
    • Itsjustkay86
      Got married 2 weeks ago
      Posted: Jan 23rd 2020
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    Just have a top table of four! My top table only has 6 and loads of people have told me that's not enough but screw em!
    Neither me or my h2b have dads as they both ran out on us when we were born so its just us, our mams, his best man and my nana.

    None of my bridesmaids deserved to be on the top table to be honest lol

    Honestly you don't need a huge table. I think a table of 4 is such a nice number and it means that you're not totally centre of attention. It wont look daft, the venue should have the length of the table to how many seats are at it. So they wont have you on a long table wit only 4 of you sat at it.
    • MyBridalWorld
      Getting married in 17 months
      Posted: Feb 4th 2020
    You can do a sweteheart table with just you two and enjoy the the day together!
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