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    • JessT592
      Getting married in 8 months
      Posted: Sep 25th 2021
    Hi everyone! Bear with me on this as it’s complicated! So my boyfriend and I want to be married ASAP as he’s in the military and due to deploy abroad within the next few months to some pretty dangerous places. We are happy to do a very quick registry office ceremony for now, however we are worried my parents won’t approve as they are very traditional. We were going to hide this from them and then have a proper wedding ceremony once my boyfriend gets back next year. My worry is that because we will obviously already be legally married that my parents will find out.

    Has anyone on here ever had a “second wedding” so to speak? And does anyone know if this is even possible? We would want the second ceremony next year to appear as real as possible as this would for both of us and my parents feel like the real wedding day. Would there be any dead giveaways on the second wedding day that would show we were already married?

    Any advice or help would be hugely appreciated :)

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