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Wedding Forum - Tulips vs Gerberas...

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    • Tigerlily88
      Posted: Feb 27th 2016
    I hate flowers!!

    We're having artificial flowers and my favourite flower is the tulip. However, our colour scheme is hot pink/cerise and finding artificial tulips in that colour is proving quite difficult (I don't want to order lots from abroad to find out they're not right).
    So I decided to toy around with gerberas, as hot pink gerberas are quite easy to come across, and very pretty.

    BUT I really love tulips, I was thinking of having a white tulip bouquet for myself and the bridesmaids with hot pink tulip bouquets. Now I'm thinking hot pink tulips would just blend in with the hot pink dresses (I planned on having greenery to make my bouquet stand out). I have really fallen for gerberas though in this whole search and so now, I can't decide how to merge it all together.

    Do I have BM bouquets with hot pink gerbs and white tulips, or various shades of pink tulips. Can anyone offer some insight on the best way to do this, any pictures or anything that may help me make my mind up.

    Is it ok for the brides bouquet to be different flowers to the BM? I thought one way would be to have the bride and groom with tulips and the rest of the wedding party with gerberas.

    Please help, I am getting far too stressed about this ha ha. Any input would be great, thanks in advance.
    • Glitterfairy
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: Feb 27th 2016
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    Just a few ideas, I think that if the dresses are hot pink, I would personally steer away from a total hot pink bouquet as ell, like y say it will merge into the dresses.


    This is an idea, you could add mor tulips for yours.



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    • RachaelH705
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Feb 27th 2016
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    I think the white tulip and pink gerbera combo is good. And you definitely need to break up the pink a bit if they have pink dresses.
    • KirstyR386
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Feb 27th 2016
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    I'm having a purple bouquet and my bms are having mainly white bouquets so it stands out aginst their purple dresses so maybe you could just switch your ideas round so you have the hot pink bouquet and they have the white one.
    The mix of flowers GF has shown are really pretty. X
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