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    • CommentAuthorHannahL308
      Posted: Jun 27th 2014
    Hi guys

    Im recently engaged and this is the first post I have ever made in a forum! We arent getting married until next year but I have pretty much planned the whole thing. However I am really stuck with transport. We have had a quote for a classic bentley' which is £399. This is to take my bridesmaid then my Dad and I to the church, from there to take hb2 and myself to the reception.
    Is this a good price? We live on the Surrey/Kent/Sussex border.
    I was also ondering if anyone could recommend a local double decker bus company???
    • VictoriaL46
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Jun 27th 2014
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    Just wanted to wish you congrats and welcome to UKBride!

    Unfortunately I am not having transport as my whole thing is happening on the same site but I hope you find out the answer to your question soon!


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    • LauraY27
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Jun 27th 2014
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    Welcome to ukbride :)

    I'm gonna take a guess and say you live tunbridge, crowborough way? I'm also in kent.

    What you've been quoted is about average and in line with quotes that I've had. I personally think it's a lot so decided to use a friends vintage beetle.

    There are a few bus companies. You'd probably be best off g00gling :) xx
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