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Wedding Forum - Thailand Wedding Advice **closed**...

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    • NatalieL192
      Posted: Apr 6th 2016
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Natalie. I'm getting married September 2016 in Thailand. No family or friends to help plan wedding so been quite stressful planing everything around work. Wondering if anyone else who's planing or had a Thai wedding in Koh Samui can give any advice?
    • Celtic_Queen
      Got married 33 months ago
      Posted: Apr 6th 2016
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    What is it you need help with Natalie? I am getting married abroad too, but in the Czech Republic.
    • Glitterfairy
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: Apr 6th 2016
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    I've bumped up the official thread on marrying abroad, please have a look there, if you don't get an answer repost in that thread.

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