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    • Asha123
      Posted: Jan 25th 2017

    Three months are left for wedding and when everything is coming to end and day is approaching I feel more nervous and stress out. My father health was bad and now improving but I feel now everything going well but still I am scared what may be happening in three month,how to avoid this and carry on peacfully .Do anyone expereince this
    • MrsC2Be
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: Jan 25th 2017
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    Hi Asha, mine is in 3 months too and im definitly getting wedding nerves!!! Just try and think that everything will be fine, and after the wedding not much really changes!!

    Glad your fathers health is getting better :)

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    • Asha123
      Posted: Jan 26th 2017
    Hi,Thanks and Congrats to you too :)
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