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    • evherkes
      Posted: Jun 15th 2017
    Hi everyone,

    So we've just had our wedding, which was amazing, however, the bottom tier of our cake collapsed and caused the other tiers to crack. I sent a balanced email to the cake maker:

    I am just getting in touch with you following our wedding on DATE at VENUE. I wasn’t present when you arrived with the cake but was told by venue staff that the bottom tier collapsed and that you had accepted and acknowledged this and as a result the remaining three higher tiers were also all cracked and damaged as a result. I’ve attached the photos for your reference in which it shows cracks, damage and the icing shapeless in places. In addition, the largest tier was to be white chocolate and raspberry, however, from the tasting we attended at yours to the bottom tier (that in part was kept) was vastly different in taste and visually and in no way similar, the bottom tier we would compare and liken to a Victoria sponge. We chose the white chocolate and raspberry for our bottom tier as this was our favourite and feel thoroughly disappointed with the product received which does not give rise to our expectations having met and discussed the end product with you.

    As I am sure you will understand a wedding is a huge, important and symbolic day for any couple and their family, as it only comes around once, and that as a result most couples (like us) paid out huge amounts for a photographer too in order to capture every possible moment of our day and worked hard to make sure that every little touch is how we want it.

    We have been left feeling upset and disappointed about the cake, especially given the significance of the cake which is also used as a centrepiece, photo opportunity and symbolic with weddings so I am surprised that you have not been in touch with us since our wedding in order to seek a way forward on your thoughts to rectify this.

    Please could I ask that you contact us in order to discuss a way that the above can be rectified as we recognise that it is important to address these issues with you directly in the first instance

    This is the response we've received:

    I am really sorry for what has happened, I will attach the image to how it was decorated. Unfortunately because of the hot weather white transport the bottom tier collapsed. And because of the time short, I could not re do your cake. In such situations we would re decorate your cake . I am more than happy to refund you £80.00 as a compensation. This is the first time we have had this kind of situation.

    The bottom tier was white chocolate and raspberry with white chocolate chunks covered in white chocolate ganache. Because of the weather being hot and causing the ganache to get very soft, could result in a different taste.

    I deeply apologise for what has happened, and completely understand where you are coming from. As we were short of time , we could not redecorate the cake. I had gone back home to get all my decorating equipment and materials.

    Please let me know if you are ok to accept a refund of £80.00 as a compensation for weather conditions causing the cake to collapse.

    We paid £300 for our cake and this isn't even a third off. I'm really disappointed as every tier was spoilt as a result and the bottom tier (of what was saved) had no raspberries in it so in my eyes it isn't just "a change in flavour due to temperature". Our wedding was on Sunday morning so it was not above 20C by this time.

    Could anyone kindly advise me on their thoughts around this?

    Thank you,
    Em :)
    • StaceyH989
      Got married 24 months ago
      Posted: Jun 15th 2017
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    Hi Em.

    I am so sorry this happened to you on your wedding day. I am an amateur baker and work with chocolate ganache quiet regularly.

    First off the cake maker should have made every possible attempt to fix your cake, you signed a contract for a finished good and you did not receive this. Secondly a cake should not collapse and damage the tiers above it even if it is covered with ganache, if the cake has been properly secured with dowels and boards there shouldn't be any collapsing. Third of all if a chocolate ganache has been made and allowed time to set even weather of 20oc would not cause changes to the ganache or taste. (I had a stacked cake outside in 20oc that used ganache and I was able to cut into it and the ganache inside was slightly soft but not enough to de-stabilise the cake. Also temperature does not change the taste of ganache under any circumstances its chocolate and cream that's all it is.

    I think you are 100% being fobbed off a cake that has been made correctly would not collapse due to the weather, there are two possible reasons this could happen, one it has been rushed and not properly made or she has had to slam on her brakes and the cake has been damaged through that. Either way she should be offering you more as her behavior has been unprofessional.

    I am in no way a professional baker however if I deliver a cake I have made I always have a back up kit with me just in case and the boxes are always secured in my car so they cannot move under any circumstance. If they do not offer more than 80 I would go to trading standards as they really are not being honest with you.

    Hope this helps xx
    • evherkes
      Posted: Jun 15th 2017
    Hi Stacey, thanks for getting back to me.

    I know nothing bout cakes so this is really helpful! I assume she should have constructed the layers one at the venue the help ensure that this would not happen. I've made cakes at home using ganashe and not had all the ganashe topping slip off! In my job I always carry "just in case" bits relevant to my job so I am gutted she did not do the same.

    I am thinking to go back to her and say that as the largest tier was totally ruined and this impacted on the others I would be willing to accept a 50% refund with no further comeback (reviews, disputes etc.) as I doubt I will get a full refund. I will put in that I fail to accept that the materials she used were impacted on by the weather as this was never pointed out to us and that in my job I always carry additional items to support my job in case of emergencies so would fail to again see how this should impact on us that she was not prepared for such an eventuality and that hopefully future customers will not have a similar issue and that this can be used as a learning point for her future...
    • StaceyH989
      Got married 24 months ago
      Posted: Jun 15th 2017
      Is poweruserJust marriedBadgeBadge
    I would definitely go back to her with that.

    You can travel with a cake that has already been stacked up but it must be supported with dowels and board in between each of the tiers and stored within a cake box that fits the base board in snug to prevent movement of the cake. From reading everything I just have this feeling the cake was rushed so I wouldn't accept the offer they have put forward.
    • CattyS55
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Jun 16th 2017
      Just marriedBadgeBadge

    I would suggest you ask her to compensate more or the full amount back and if she doesn't I would suggest you take her to a small claims court where you can use the photos and her email response as proof. Google it for more information.

    I am currently taking my cake maker to a small claims court as we paid £500 for 5 tiers and the cake I asked for was nothing like the cake I received. When I explained this to her she wasn't happy that I complained and then said because my mum (who had only seen a picture of the cake once a year before the wedding) was happy when she accepted the cake that the cake was fine. However both pictures of the cake (the one I got and the one I asked for) are clearly different and everyone I have shown this have agreed.
    • lala "mod" bunni
      CommentAuthorlala "mod" bunni
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: Jun 26th 2017
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    Firstly .... she has admitted liability , however transportation and keeping the cake cool during this is her responsibility .

    You say that she admitted the collapse of cake to venue staff, why didn't she ask to make use of the kitchen

    She states the weather would have caused the ganache to taste different ? ...hum did you have a sudden heatwave inside your venue & why didn't she request to be kept in fridge till for a while ? Why was she short of time ?

    What time did she deliver the cake? When were you first made aware of the state of the cake? .... if it was before your wedding then you had that upset going into the ceremony, if it was when you saw it at the reception then you not only had the shock but also the embaressment of your guests comments

    I would write to her as you have said but also state that your contract with her comes under the supply of goods and services act,

    • lala "mod" bunni
      CommentAuthorlala "mod" bunni
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: Jul 16th 2017
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    Did you ever get anywhere on this ?

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