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    • IvsicilyS
      Getting married in 10 months
      Posted: 2 days ago
    Special Occasion Dresses For Women And Teens

    Whether You're Attending A Cocktail Party, A Gallery Opening, A Wedding, Or A Prom, Our Wide Selection Of Women's Special Occasion Dresses Has Just The Style You Need. Finding The Perfect Occasion Dress At The Perfect Price Is Easy With Lulus!

    What Qualifies As Women's Special Occasion Dresses?

    It's Smart To Have One Or Two Women's Dresses For Special Occasions Ready To Go In Your Closet. It's Even More Fun To Shop For New Special Occasion Outfits Online. How Do You Know You're Choosing The Right Style, Though?

    If You're Buying A Dress For A Specific Event, Consider The Location, Formality, And Theme. Is It Outdoors? A Shorter Hem May Make More Sense. Is The Event Black Tie Or Cocktail? Different Styles Suit Different Dress Codes. Is The Occasion Themed? Picking A Dress That Subtly Acknowledges That Will Win You Brownie Points With The Host.

    When You're Looking For A Staple Style To Add Your Closet, Consider What Type Of Special Event Dresses You'll Get The Most Mileage Out Of. If You're Dressing For A Lot Of High-Society Galas, Choose Something A Little More Formal Than A Dress You'd Wear To Weddings.

    Can't Decide? Not A Problem: Since Lulus Makes The Latest Trends Affordable, You Can Buy What You Need Right Now--And Then Go Shopping Again When The Next Season Of Trends (And Events) Arrives!

    Styling Special Event Dresses

    Accessories Make The Outfit But It's Important Not To Overwhelm Special Occasion Dresses For Women With Too Much Extra 'Stuff.' Here Are A Few Quick Tips For Dressing Up That Gown.

    Special Event Dresses Don't Have To Be Black Or Neutral. Go For Colors, Not Only With The Dress Itself But Also Your Shoes And Jewelry. Brighten Things Up With Some Sparkle--Because Why Not?

    You Can't Beat Pumps Or Stilettos For A Formal Feel. Make Sure They Complement Your Dress Rather Than Compete With It, Though. We Have Plenty Of Options, So Take Your Time Shopping For The Perfect Pair Of Heels.

    For A Classic Vibe, Go With Simpler Jewelry. Long, Delicate Chains, Glittery Studs, And Basic Geometric Designs Add A Touch Of Elegance To Nearly Any Look.

    Don't Forget The Right Bag! A Cute Clutch Is Just What Every Formal Dress Needs.
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    • DrA
      Getting married in 11 months
      Posted: 20 hours ago
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