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    • KJenkie
      Posted: Jun 3rd 2016
    Hiya ladys i just wanted to get some help and ideas of what to do in regards of "Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue" what are you haveing? Thankyou in advance :-)
    • Flossie
      Got married 32 months ago
      Posted: Jun 3rd 2016
    Old - I'm going to pin my great gran's brooch either to my garter or my bouquet
    New - my dress
    Borrowed - the brooch is doubling up as something borrowed, as I'm borrowing it from my auntie who it was passed down to
    Blue - stickers on the soles of my shoes

    Happily married
    18th June 2016
    • JoE88
      Posted: Jun 3rd 2016
    My something old is the horseshoe that my mum had at her wedding. Something new is my wedding dress. Something borrowed I will be looking through my nan's jewellery box (it'll double up as something old as well I suppose), and my something blue will be my garter, and I'm also having our wedding date sewn into the inside of my wedding dress as a something blue as wellx
    • Emily17
      Got married 17 months ago
      Posted: Jun 3rd 2016
    New - my dress
    Blue - I am stitching the date of the wedding into the hem of my dress
    Borrowed - I am borrowing my moms hoop from her wedding
    Old - My Great Great Nans engagement ring that I was given for my 18th birthday.

    Met in 2009
    He proposed Jan 2014
    Will become Mrs P 7th October 2017
    • FayeJ67
      Got married 30 months ago
      Posted: Jun 3rd 2016
    Old - a set of antiquw earrings my mum gave me for my 18th birthday
    New - My dress
    Borrowed - my mums veil if we can find it and if it is white not ivory as mum cant remember.
    Blue - my gorgeous glittery blue shoes!

    • LeanneF96
      Got married 22 months ago
      Posted: Jun 3rd 2016
    Old - my nans pearl earrings
    New - my dress
    Borrowed - will be the earrings or the matching pearl bracelet if we can find it!
    Blue - stickers on the soles of my shoes and my garter has blue in if i decide to wear it.

    • InDreamland
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Jun 3rd 2016
    Please take this to the official thread. This has been bumped for you.

    Married the love of my life on Saturday 11th May 2013 xxx
    Had our dream perfect honeymoon in Hawaii!

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