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Wedding Forum - Small wedding - 15 of us in total...

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    • EmmaH719
      Getting married in 17 months
      Posted: Aug 22nd 2020
    Hi you lovely ladies,

    Got engaged last week, completely head over heels and didn't see it coming whatsoever.

    We have both been married before, both were married abroad.

    We are really chilled out, we have 3 children between us and a huge rent bill every month. Neither of us want a big fussy wedding. We want to keep it really simple and cost effective.

    We are looking to get married at the registry office where we live, and have a meal at restaurant.

    I'm looking at keeping costs down for a wedding dress but my god they are expensive. Where can I get a relatively cheap dress at around £100 or so in the warrington area? I'm quite happy to consider a used dress.

    Roughly how much would a meal for 15 cost? it would be 2 courses & drinks as they have a rubbish dessert menu and would have wedding cake anyway.

    Sorry if I've rambled on, I'm just so excited and so scared at the same time.

    TIA x
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