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    • LauraK28
      Posted: Jul 25th 2014
    Hi all, just spent the whole day researching venues in shropshire/hereford but am really struggling to find anywhere remotely affordable :( I don't want a r/o or church, there's going to be a few disabled guests and a whole bunch of kids. There's going to be around 70 guests in total and do not want to spend an absolute fortune on venue and food. Any ideas? Xxx
    • JennK
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Jul 26th 2014
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    If you look on local council websites they should have a list of venues licenced to carry out weddings in that area, there may be some surprising ones you didn't know about which may be cheaper for you. We did this with 3 local areas, and went to view some beautiful affordable places as a result :)

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