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    • JaideR
      Posted: Aug 9th 2017
    Hi all,
    I haven't really got anyone at all to discuss this with as no one understands how my parents really are. I've come to notice as I've got older that my parents are not normal compared to most parents. They are not sociable. They don't believe in marriage which I can accept but feel there's no need to spoil it for others. Neither of them have any friends etc they just have each other. Anyway, i am getting married next November 2018 and they are showing no interest at all. They don't mention it. My mum hasn't even seen my dress as I know she wouldn't be interested. My dad won't be giving me away as I know he wouldn't do it anyway so my at the time 8year old will be. They aren't contributing financially to the wedding at all where as my h2b's mum & nan are. I don't even think they will attend on the day. They have dogs and other animals and live 7hours away from us so i'm not even including them in my numbers. My h2b's mum & partner are so lovely I sometimes feel so envious of what he has. My question is do i let it ruin my day or has anyone been in the same situation? I very much doubt it but any advice would be great. Xx
    • Mrs T Hurley!
      CommentAuthorMrs T Hurley!
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Aug 10th 2017
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    JaideR don't let it ruin your day! My parents have no interest in my life at all, so they're not invited. I'm really looking forward to it and have no regrets!

    I would speak to them and ask their opinion on your dress. It's 1 way to start the discussion. If they are still not interested, then it's their loss, not yours.

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    • NicoleW665
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Aug 10th 2017
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    i know it can be hard to see his parents helping out but just remember that the reason they are so inclined to help out is because they are glad to have you joining their family.

    Just spend the day thinking about what you are gaining rather than those who aren't there x

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    • Emily17
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Aug 10th 2017
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    Try to not let it get to you. Ask them if they want to see your dress, show them a picture and judge their reaction.
    Just because they dont believe it doesnt mean that they wont come to yours. I would speak to them about it.

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    • CommentAuthorClaire1978
      Posted: Aug 10th 2017
    Do what I did and adopt your other half parents as your new mum and Dad :-) not literally though lol
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