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Wedding Forum - Rustic/woodland theme - tree slices...

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    • ChristinaB38
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Aug 4th 2014
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    hi all,
    we are getting married in the countryside so thought it would be rather fitting to have a woodland / rustic theme. I love the idea of tree slices with bottles on with flowers in for our centre pieces, however, i never knew how difficult it would be to source. A few months ago a couple of trees had come down in a storm which were chopped up, so we ended up with some and gave them to OH's parents to store, i explained would need drying slightly and then preserved before they split, OH's dad reassured me he knew what he was doing and not to worry. I have just found out that they have all split and the bark fallen off as he didn't preserve them. Now we can't find any. Have looked online but all soooooo expensive. Has anyone done these before? If so where did you source them?

    • Lea3PO
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Aug 4th 2014
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    Have you tried a local timber yard? There is one actually in the woods local to us that make things from trees grown there, could be worth an online search or if your town has a facebook group ask in there too as you never know someone may be getting rid of some trees in there garden. Another option could be to contact local tree surgeons and see if they have any suggestions for where you could source from?
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