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    • OliviaB35
      Posted: Nov 29th 2016
    Hi all,

    I am quite new to all this and don't know where to start. We have picked the date and booked a place, got the addresses and names of guests we want to invite but when is the best time to send save the dates and invitations as we are getting married 19/05/2018
    Getting a bit stressed on what to do next, H2B isn't really bothered on what I book but it can't be too expensive.
    • Glitterfairy
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: Nov 29th 2016
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    Hiya and congratulations, take a look at the brides checklist found near the top of the main forum page. That will help you a lot.

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    • Duostar
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Nov 30th 2016
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    Hi Olivia! Congrats on your wedding. I'm a April 2018 bride and booked the venue and registrar for the time we want. Come and see us in the 2018 thread as well. We can all get stressed together.

    I don't think it really matters where you start in the planning. But I think most important are venue, registrar/church and photographer (as the good ones get booked up quick).

    I wasn't sure where to start with photographers, so went to local wedding fairs to talk to some. I think it's a good way to make use of time and finding someone you can get on with for it. Saves having to have a lot of meetings with a lot of different people on different days.

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    • Wizbit89
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Nov 30th 2016
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    OLIVIAAAAA WE ARE WEDDING TWINS! Congrats on the engagement
    I would say call and get your name down for a registrar as these can book up quick and then enjoy looking for a venue :)

    I am a bit overly organised and am pretty much all booked up but things just fell into place and we were really lucky as our venue had a lot of suggested suppliers.

    I would definitely say sort your venue out secondly, you will be surpised how much they can help you out with planning and organising, and also all the lovely brides on here give awesome tips

    • LaurenD45
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: Nov 30th 2016
    congratulations on the wedding. Don't do too much too soon in case you change your mind!

    Send the save the dates out about 18-12 months before. Get your rsvps about 8 weeks before stop people dropping out last minute
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