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Wedding Forum - Paying for groomsmen suits?! Help please!...

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    • HeatherF92
      Getting married in 18 months
      Posted: Mar 3rd 2020
    Hello! First time posting on here, so I would love to have some advice please!

    My OH is a best man at his brothers wedding for later this year, in conversation my OH brother and fiancé mentioned that my OH would be paying for his suit when they go out looking for one together. (We haven’t been told whether we are hiring or buying and they are choosing what my OH wears). We both have been took back by this as it’s been assumed and we weren’t asked which would of been completely different, the wedding also is hours away so we have already forked out a lot of money on accommodation and travel!

    We are meant to be getting married next year ourselves and we were going to pay for the suits as we asked them to be part of the day so wouldn’t expect them to pay. So as you can imagine we are on a budget too.

    Would just love some advice and see what you think? It’s an awkward topic to bring up to them. Thanks in advance!
    • KerriR86
      Posted: Mar 3rd 2020
    Hi Heather,

    I wouldn't expect any of the bridal/groom's party to pay for their suits or dresses.
    Unless they wanted an extremely expensive dress or suit, then i would offer to put the money allocated out of the budget towards it and they paid the rest.

    I would speak to your brother and sister in law to ask them what the reasoning behind you guys having to pay for your OH's suit is, and if this applies to all of the groomsmen & ushers.
    Also explain that you are aware that both couples are on a budget, but you wasn't expecting your brother in law to pay for the suit hire for your wedding, but if you are having to pay for theirs, then its only fair that they pay for the hire at your wedding, this may swing things as at the end of day, the costs should cancel each other out, unless either of you are hiring/buying very expensive suits lol.

    I hope you get things sorted :)
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