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    • SophieM401
      Posted: Jan 17th 2016
    Hey there haven't posted in a while 6 months to go!! Anyway I am looking at ordering invitations but I don't have a time the usual is 2/half 2 which is fine for me and oh now the thing is I don't meet with minister till March or April was hoping to order them now and get them sent out end of april should I wait or email him to ask, can't meet him any earlier as he has to travel a fair bit to Where I live!
    • MrsC2bee
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Jan 17th 2016
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    I'd ring and ask as if he's away he might not reply to email but by ringing you might be able to reach someone who can say. If you can't get hold of them then go with the time you want it so maybe 2 because then if it is 2.30 least all your guests will be there lol x
    • SophieM401
      Posted: Jan 17th 2016
    It's just a nightmare I have said to a few people who have said you still have plenty of time to order I know I do but I don't want to get to the end of April and that's us just having our meeting with him if that makes sense I want them out by then! Might just phone him and see what he says I just didn't know if anyone else has been in this position I know what I want etc it's just basically to hit the but button! Thank you
    • Emily17
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Jan 18th 2016
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    Surely there's someone else at the church for you to speak to while he's away?
    I would definitely find out before you got them made.

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    • SophieM401
      Posted: Jan 18th 2016
    So I emailed him today and he got back very quickly saying go ahead and order this isn't what our meeting is about, it's About me and oh understanding what we are doing I.e getting married and for him to get to know us on a personal level! Anyone tell me their experiences of their meetings with ministers? filling me with dread already I hate the unknown and we are going to have too Skype as he lives so far away!
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