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    • LouiseF120
      Getting married in 6 months
      Posted: Aug 10th 2020
    Posted on Wedding Planning
    Has anyone got their wedding booked for November this year? We’re due to be married 21 November but obviously extremely anxious about how it is going to go ahead. I wondered what people’s experiences with their venues had been over this period? Our venue are refusing to discuss our wedding until at least 2 months before. They are not willing to discuss scenarios, for instance we would be happy to just have the ceremony with 30 people, but we don’t know if the venue would accept this as they do respond to our emails and are not answering the phones as they are still closed. We are really struggling with the unknown, I’m sure there are a lot of brides that are feeling the same and it would be nice to have a bit of reassurance from our venue
    • ZaraS_S
      Getting married in 4 weeks
      Posted: Mar 27th 2021

    I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. I had to cancel my wedding due to Covid, and also my contract stated non refundable deposit. My venue kept pestering me constantly to reschedule my wedding date, but I just wanted my money back. I used this law firm and they recovered my full deposit back from my wedding venue, and they didn't charge me any legal fees either.

    Debt Recovery Solicitors

    0800 002 5030

    [email protected]

    I hope this helps you or anyone else in a similar situation that I was in. All the best and stay safe x
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