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    • CommentAuthorFuzzy
      Posted: Nov 7th 2013
    Hello Ladies... Any brides from Northern Ireland who'd like to share ideas, tips, trials and tribulations of getting married in this lovely land.

    I'm getting married in Malone House in Belfast and then across to the Ramada Plaza in March 2015. I'm anticipating rain &/or Snow lol so anyone know suppliers of out of the ordinary umbrellas... just a general chat, anything goes.

    Hope your day has all the touches your heart desires.

    Much love, Fuzz
    • BeckyU98
      Got married 7 years ago
      Posted: Nov 8th 2013
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    we dont live there yet but H2B is due to be posted there in january and i will be joining him in married quarters straight after wedding x
    • CommentAuthorFuzzy
      Posted: Nov 8th 2013
    Woooooohooooooo xx it's a beautiful place xx sent you a wee pm xx
    • AngelaM77
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Nov 14th 2013
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    Hi Fuzzy,

    I'm getting married in Carrickfergus, then having the reception in La Mon. Our date is 4th June 2015, but with Norn Iron, who knows what the weather will be like.

    We looked at Malone House - it's gorgeous. And the views are wonderful regardless of the weather. You wouldn't know you were in the city there.

    • CommentAuthorFuzzy
      Posted: Nov 16th 2013
    Hi Angela !! xx

    We're just a few weeks before you then, I love the La Mon. I got my dress from AngelStar across from the Castle. Best wedding supplier ever,,, They we're amazing to me, picked my dress up from their new shop and it's hanging proudly in my mums house.

    Stay in touch xx

    • Shawneen
      Posted: Mar 1st 2018
    I'm born and raised in Northern Ireland. Me and my H2B are getting married in our local Parish Church in Portrush then having our reception in The Magherabuoy House Hotel. Feel free to add me as a friend everyone. We've booked our Photographer and DJ as well as our Venues. Getting married - September 21st 2019. Finding it hard to get our colour theme for the men's ties and waistcoats. Anyone any ideas? Xx
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