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Wedding Forum - Newly engaged - wedding without my parents...

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    • SarahP2991
      Posted: Sep 22nd 2016
    I got engaged to my best friend who has supported me so much through the loss of my mum two years ago. After we got engaged my dad also suddenly died :( we have been discussing what to do about our wedding. Part of me wants to run away and do it just ourselfs and son so that i dont have to deal with the issue of not having my parents at my wedding. But another part of me still wants a big day to celebrate with my h2b family and friends as time is so precious. Im worried how i will cope with no parents. Has anyone been in the same situation and what did you do? Help appreciated thank you x
    • MichelleC961
      Got married 33 months ago
      Posted: Sep 22nd 2016
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    Hey Sarah- congrats on your engagement

    Really sorry for your loss- My mum too sadly passed away 2 years ago and it truly broke my heart in every way and I know she woukd have loved all the planning- I suppose that's what's keeping me focused, knowing how much she loved it and how she will always be looking down beaming with pride.

    I know it will be tough without your dad, is there anyone else you woukd want to walk you down the aisle?

    If you really think it woukd be too much, you could go away get married just the 3 of you and have a huge party when you get back with family and friends to celebrate :-) xx

    Have you set a date?

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    • leasa
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Sep 22nd 2016
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    So sorry for your loss!

    It's a hard one, but after loosing mum I still wanted the big fat wedding she would have loved.
    Some want to include lost ones, and some can't (too hard maybe).

    I made sure my mum was there with us in every way possible without being morbid. I had her bracelet as my something old tied to my bra, her favourite flower in my bouquet, my brother played all her old favourites on HER guitar during the drinks reception.
    There were photos of her (and everyone else on collage posters) in the bar, she had a place setting at the top table with name card and a drink. My bouquet was placed in a vase at her table setting.

    Difference was I have my dad, so you need to follow your heart.
    Can you still have a joyous day celebrating knowing they are with you in spirit, or does that idea horrify you?
    It's your call and you need to do what feels right for you.

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    • CommentAuthorRachelM708
      Posted: Sep 22nd 2016
    Hi Sarah
    I'm sorry for your loss.

    I also lost my mum it's been 7yrs now. myself and h2b are having a memory table with her picture and my adopted niece's picture with the words Because someone we love is in heaven... there's a little bit of heaven at our wedding today. We are also going to be releasing balloons in memory of them.
    • MrsC2Be
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Sep 23rd 2016
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    sorry for the loss of your parents, but congratulations on your engagement!

    Is there anyway you could incorporate things about your mum and dad into the wedding, like colours or themes they liked, or little personal touches to make it feel like they are involved and there xx

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    • MrsBU2B
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Sep 23rd 2016
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    My other half's family want nothing to do with her since they found out about us and my own parents have both passed. Because of this we're doing some things like the "top" table will just be us and MOH and Best (wo)man, my oldest brother will be walking me down the aisle, and adapting other things. This helps to reduce how obvious it is that there isn't any family for her and no parents with me.

    It's not shunning his family if you do it this way it's just not highlighting the loss of your own.

    I'm really sorry for your loss as well, and hope that you can find some solace in your new life.
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