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    • Elle GP
      CommentAuthorElle GP
      Got married 22 months ago
      Posted: Sep 24th 2017
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    Hi, im a newbie!

    getting married in 2019 and have no idea how to find a venue that fits in our budget! help??!! :D
    • Glitterfairy
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: Sep 25th 2017
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    Hiya Elle and welcome to the site.

    As for venues, have you tried searching the voucher groups like gr0up0n? Sometimes they do deals on there. Or maybe a village hall?

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    • MaxineP89
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Sep 28th 2017
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    Do plenty of research in your area. Lots of place have wedding fayres - visit as many as you can and don't be afraid to haggle on the price once you have found your special place

    Looking forward to becoming the 3rd and last Mrs McLauchlan

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