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    • JadeE18
      Posted: Sep 8th 2014
    Hi everyone my name's Jade and me and my fiancee got engaged on the 21st August. Little bit of background for you we have been together for 6 years and lived together for five. We don't have any children and i have been busy the last few years doing a degree in Nursing. i had wondered if we were ever going to engaged so i was really shocked as were all our friends quite romantically he too me horse riding up the brecon becaons which is beautiful and popped the question then. We are looking to get married in 2016 (Feb/March) and i visited my first wedding fayre today which i was super excited about. I have a few venues in mind although i am finding it difficult to get prices off some venues! Does anyone have any tips on how to hurry them up n replying. I don't have a massive budget and am hoping to put in 3000 myself my parents and my fiancee's mum will also be contributing. Any advice on anything will be appreciated xxx
    • lala "mod" bunni
      CommentAuthorlala "mod" bunni
      Got married 9 years ago
      Posted: Sep 8th 2014
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    the best bit of advice i can give is to look through the threads on here .... there is masses of tips on every subject

    • CommentAuthorMidgetGem89
      Posted: Sep 8th 2014
    your best ringing people.. price wise atm is 2014-15 expect prices to change a little from now and 2016 but sometimes if you put a deposit down they honour the price at time of deposit. suits are doing this for ud aslong as i get deposit down before christmas then the pricr they give me is the pricr i pay wether theres an increase or not.

    yes look through the threads theres also your year board so have a look on there.

    the big things are booking quick.. venues photographers cakes. most of what i got booked i wqs pushing for time im getting married 31st july 2015 and everywhere is fully booked and taking 2016/17 bookings now x
    • AprilS61
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Sep 8th 2014
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    July is prime wedding season though, I'm getting married in April and it's a lot quieter then because people mainly want 'summer' weddings.

    If you go to some wedding fairs ask if the venue coordinator has a minute ask what dates they have available and ask for a pack which includes packages and prices. Failing that, have you checked websites? Some websites have the same information.

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    Mr & Mrs Swan 04/04/15

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