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    • AlexW458
      Getting married in 1 month
      Posted: Aug 5th 2020
    Hi Everyone, I hope you're all doing ok. I am a postponed 2020 bride myself (moved from July 2020 to May 2021) but am posting in a work capacity - I am a TV Producer working on a lovely new series all about Hair, and we are looking for people who would love the treat of a new hairdo from a top stylist. I wondered if this might be relevant to any of you ladies, whether you are going ahead with the wedding this year and would love a new hairdo for the big day (it could be arranged for weddings as early as next weekend!), would like to try new styles in advance of your day, or need a pick me up after the stress of postponing your wedding (I know I did!) If you'd like further information please do email haircasting (at) walltowall (dot) co (dot) uk (please excuse the gaps, it doesn't like my email address!). Thanks and I hope this is something that might bring a smile (and new hair!) to some of you!
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