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Wedding Forum - Need to get myself ready for my wedding...

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    • MrsLJDeaton
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Oct 8th 2015
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    My wedding is two weeks away today need to book myself in for my colour and treatment my wedding nails waxing and a pre wedding massage!

    Wanted to get my hair done with my mum on the same day problem different hairdresser as my mums hair is Afro Caribbean mine is European so different hair dressers and both will take a good few hrs mums even longer!

    Wanted to get my nails done with the mother and inlaw and bridesmaids I don't know of this is doable anymore! May have to get dorm on different days

    When I get my nails done(mani/pedi) I will get waxed as in the Same place across the road from each other wanted to have a full pamper day but I doubt I will as each a few hrs so very long day

    What you ladies think?

    Massage full body Thai will get from a former work college pin is the best =D

    Next Friday Nails and Wax Next Saturday Hair
    And sometime this Saturday hopefully my massage
    Mums hair on a Friday too
    Need to talk to in law about nails and mother as dad needs to drop her

    I have my wedding nails in mind they have to be perfect and be exactly what I want or I won't be leaving as for the first time I will leave the nail shop with what I walked in for

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