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    • Kay22
      Getting married in 3 months
      Posted: Apr 30th 2019
    I got engaged over a year ago and asked 2 friends to be bridesmaids. I then had to choose between my best friend and sister for the maid of honor role. I chose my best friend but since then she hasn't stepped up to the role or been a good friend at all really. I've felt guilty ever since for not choosing my sister. I really want to ask my sister to be maid of honor too but feel like she might be upset that I am asking her now not then. My wedding is still a year away and I really want my sister to be my maid of honor as she's done more than my best friend. I feel annoyed that I asked them so far away from my wedding, is there a way I could ask my sister to be one too?
    • CharlotteH3668
      Getting married in 8 months
      Posted: Jun 18th 2019
    Yes absolutely, just say you've changed your mind and you've realised you need her by your side as your maid of honour as well.

    I have asked my 3 bridesmaids and not chosen a MOH as I don't want to choose between them/ might regret making them the MOH nearer the time!
    • lala "mod" bunni
      CommentAuthorlala "mod" bunni
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: Jun 19th 2019
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    yes speak to your sister and be honest, tell her you realise you made a mistake in not asking her to begin with

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