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Wedding Forum - London suggestions for hen night...

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    • kjl87
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Jul 9th 2014
    I don't want anything over the top for my hen night so was thinking about is a restaurant where there is belly dancing entertainment where you could join in?
    Was wondering if anyone can suggest anywhere that might do that or something along those lines?
    One place I have seen in a Turkish restaurant K enza which looks good but would like a few different ideas.

    I'm in south london so anywhere not too far from here would be great.
    • InDreamland
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: Jul 9th 2014
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    I went to a hen night where the bride hired for a couple of hours a function room upstairs in a pub in Leicester Square and then hired a belly dancer to run a class for us. Great fun and only cost us all £12 each. There was about 12 of us. Then we went for a meal in China town.

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    • MillieT
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Jul 10th 2014
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    Have you thought about the Ice Bar in Covent Gardens? I went there for my hen do... you're only in there for 40 minutes... but it was so cool ... everybody is still talking and raving about it!... then we sat outside in Covent Gardens drinking cocktails and chatting, It was really lovely!
    • Ariana
      Got married 17 months ago
      Posted: Jul 10th 2014
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    Hi there,

    I've been to lots of hen parties in London & would definitely second the advice to go to vinopolis, it's brilliant & a real ice breaker. Plus v.central & you can get great deals online. Also been to a chocolate tasting one which was also great if you have people in your group who don't drink or are pregnant. That was done by hotel chocolat.

    On the same idea of that if that's more up your street I also went to one at Diptique which was beautifully done & taught us about the history of perfume & found a perfect scent for the bride on her wedding day whilst we had champagne & strawberries. That was in Marylebone.

    Also afternoon tea - been to several but bea's at Bloomsbury was fun. Or also went to the Dean's street tea house which was more classy. Both of those had no problems with a large group which I believe was an issue for other afternoon tea venues.

    Spa London is brilliant if you're looking for a day spa. It's all set up for hen parties, I'm a bit of a spa snob but it was really beautifully done & the treatments were fab. It is in Bethnal green though so it depends on the remainder of your day plan.

    Finally my big evening tip would be to research the Old Vic tunnels. It totally depends on the night but its a huge underground space which depending on the night they transform into different spaces. I've been when its being transformed into a 20s speakeasy with lots of dancers & performances everywhere, bands, everyone in 20s costume & the age range is huge. Also last year was an 80s movie club night with the space transformed with bands/ cabaret acts. Both nights were incredible.

    Hope you have a brilliant weekend, lots of luck in the planning!
    • Little Kettle
      CommentAuthorLittle Kettle
      Got married 9 years ago
      Posted: Jul 10th 2014
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    There's a place near Covent Garden. I think it's called Souk Medina. It's African/North African Fare and I remember there being a whole lot of belly dancing going on there too...but this was a few years back. They are also on the tastcard scheme, so if any of yoru party has a tastecard, you can use it there (even on a Sat night).

    I was planning a picnic for my hen do but it rained so we all ended up in my front room and then we headed out to a place near Covent Garden for cocktails before heading to the restaurant (on tastecard) for dinner. It was very low-key and everyone had a lovely time :)

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    Vegas baby!

    • kjl87
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Jul 18th 2014
    Thanks for those suggestions - I'll definitely be looking into them.

    Want it made clear what type of night I want rather than some of the awful suggestions that have been made by h2b family. Luckily it'll be my side organising it!
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