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Wedding Forum - Lace tops/"backwards jackets" for my dress?...

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    • SLC86
      Posted: Jul 20th 2014
    Hiya, i've bought my dress from Phase Eight (if i can say that on here? if not then, sorry!) its just the simple Esme dress, very floaty and lacey! But i wanted it because it is easy to accessorise with a bolero/lace top or "backwards jackets" as ive heard them being called before...but my problem is where to find them. I really dont want to trapse round bridal shops as i hated every experience in those sort of shops, hence buying from the high street!
    • VictoriaL46
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Jul 20th 2014
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    Esme Dress.jpg
    Esme Dress.jpg

    Is this the dress? I ran a quick search and found it on the website.

    If so a bolero would look lovely with this. A backwards jacket might be a bit too much but you would have to see how it looks to get a real idea. You can easily get boleros on the Bay or go to a site called Et$y which does a lot of hand crafted stuff (I shop there ALL the time) or just [email protected]@gle it.

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    • InDreamland
      Got married 7 years ago
      Posted: Jul 20th 2014
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    A little lacy bolero will go lovely with that dress, it's a beautiful dress.

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    • SLC86
      Posted: Aug 4th 2014
    Hiya yeah this is the dress, it currently will NOT zip up fully as I have such a large chest :( I bought a 16 knowing it would be really a 14, but jeez it's more like a 12! I am working hard to get into it! I deffo want a bolero/jacket with it as i hate my arms and also will need a decent bra on!! xx
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