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Wedding Forum - Kids or no kids? ...

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    • JulieJones
      Getting married in 27 months
      Posted: Sep 30th 2019
    We arent planning on having any at our wedding day or night, we are getting alot of negative comments about this off family. What are you all doing?
    • JamieM6
      Getting married in 14 months
      Posted: Oct 13th 2019
      Is poweruserBadgeBadge
    There are more kids than adults in my family, and I am still quite a big kid myself so I'm embracing the kids and having a 'big kids' themed wedding with
    Bouncy castle
    Face painting
    Outdoor games

    Whatever you choose it's your wedding, and let's be honest kids dont generally enjoy weddings !
    • TirionW
      Getting married in 3 weeks
      Posted: Feb 28th 2020
    I'm having kids at my wedding. I have a 16 month old so i cant have him there and then say to other people they can't bring theirs. I genuinely believe it's personal preference. The only thing to be mindful of is that if you are inviting people with children it might make it harder for them to attend as they would have to find babysitters.
    • KerriR86
      Posted: Feb 29th 2020
    I’ve been to a few weddings where children were invited and they are brilliant! They bring so much energy and happiness, especially when the DJ start, I feel for me they encourage people to get up and dance.
    • LauraF526
      Getting married in 16 months
      Posted: Mar 6th 2020
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    We are only having four children at our wedding, my own nephew and his niece and nephew. We already have a large guest list as we are lucky to have a big family and a lot of friends. So far everyone we have told have been really understanding about it, and some are happy to have a night out without their kids. Either way it's your day and your decision.
    • AnnaK358
      Getting married in 34 months
      Posted: Mar 16th 2020
    One of my best friends had a no children policy at her wedding. To date, one of the best weddings I've ever been to.

    Nobody at the wedding really said anything about it, not to me at least. I thought it was pretty tactful. I also added a ___ of ___ attending to my RSVPs to make it extra clear.
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