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    • LindsayB17
      Posted: May 9th 2016
    Hey, just booked our wedding and its 17 months away. Any tips on when I should start planning/booking things would be great as I have no idea where to start x
    • InDreamland
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: May 9th 2016
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    I suggest checking out the brides checklist at the top of the forum to help get you started with your planning.

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    • CommentAuthorLoz K
      Posted: May 9th 2016
    Hi Lindsay, congratulations on booking the date! Our wedding is about 17 months away too - so far we've booked the venue, reception, registrar and photographer as I wanted to get all the big things booked up. I'm taking a break until about a year before when the real planning will start but you can always get things lined up in the meantime, such as invites if you're making your own. Basically you can do as much or as little as you like! There are some on here who are much more organised and have most of their day planned about 18 months in advance - there's no right or wrong way about it. When is your big day?

    Good luck with the planning!
    • LauraH813
      Posted: May 9th 2016
    It's never too soon. Def ignore all the guff wedding planners you get in magazines. If you follow them you might miss out on something you really want. Our wedding is in November 2017. We got engaged at Christmas and in the last 4 months I have booked the venue, registrar (very important not to forget), photographer, DJ, florist, evening entertainment, hair and make up and found my dress! Dress will take 4 - 5 months to be made. Basically if you know who or what you want then see if you can book them. Doesn't hurt to ask. Most wedding suppliers take bookings 2 years in advance. My florist didn't but I was so sure I wanted her she has pencilled us in. Good luck and enjoy ;)
    • Ellie95
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: May 10th 2016
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    Congratulations! Definitely start looking at venues straight away as they book up so quickly :)

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    • Flossie
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: May 10th 2016
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    Hi Lindsay, congratulations on securing a date! First of all we booked all the suppliers which we considered to be the bigger things of the day, and you may also be surprised how quickly suppliers can get booked up! This included the DJ, harpist, magician, transport if you're having it, registrar if you need one, hair and make up, cake, photographer, florist if you're having real flowers... We booked most of these things around 24-18 months in advance, so I would definitely start looking to get these booked up. Once we'd booked all these things, we really had the bones of our day in place and everything else could fit in around it. We also liked knowing these things were booked and all we had to do was worry about paying them off much nearer the wedding.

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