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Wedding Forum - Is there anyone else still getting married...

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    • JulieM413
      Getting married in 3 months
      Posted: Aug 18th 2020
    Hi new to this group!
    I'm still in two minds to cancel or go ahead with our small second time around wedding ceremony, even if covid restrictions was not around the number would still be 34 adults ., I just can't bring my self to cross any of them off ..iv tried but they all mean so much to me as family and very close friends.
    I'm holding out it may change in six weeks ...also are face masks mandatory?
    My registrar says yes ! It's a private venue , quite a big room, we have all got family bubble tables where we can remove our masks for a sit down reception, I really don't get these rules, I can sit in a restaurant with fifty strangers, but have a strict 30 on a ceromony.
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