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    • MariaG20
      Getting married in 7 months
      Posted: Oct 18th 2019
    Hi all,

    I am almost 1 year away from my wedding and think I have everything under wraps. My sister is my MoH and is planning my hen do, she asked me for a list of who I would like to go. I provided the list months ago.

    Last weekend, my future in laws kicked off because my H2B’s brother’s girlfriend isn’t invited to the hen do. We don’t get on and don’t speak to each other whilst we are in each other’s company - she has also made comments about me whilst I was in earshot and made me out a liar whilst I asked her about it in front of my future MiL and FiL. So I thought there would be no need for these negative vibes.

    Now my future MiL has said to my H2B that if his brothers girlfriend isn’t invited to my hen do then she won’t be attending. My future FiL has also told my H2B that his brothers girlfriend will be going to my hen do regardless of how I feel about it because it’s like I’m trying to split up the family. They haven’t approached me.

    My future in laws have known for months that we (H2B’s brother’s girlfriend & I) do not get on and always have an excuse for my H2B’s brother and his girlfriend. These are the same people that constantly reminded me that “our wedding is a year away and their (H2B’s brother & his girlfriend) relationship could end by then”.

    I feel like cancelling my hen do because I can’t be dealing with all the politics.

    Would you invite someone to your hen do if you didn’t get on just to please everyone/keep the peace?
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