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    • MariaM238
      Posted: May 13th 2016
    Hello everyone

    I am new to this website but I need some advice. My wedding invitations arrived yesterday and they are lovely.
    However I left no space to read the guest names on the invitations which I completely forgot about this.
    Would it be strange to leave the invite as it is or do I try to squeeze the names somewhere on it?

    Any comments would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks
    • MrsBU2B
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: May 13th 2016
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    I suppose that as long as the names of who is invited is on the envelopes e.g. Mr & Mrs Smith and Child then it shouldn't be a problem to not have the names on the invite itself. I've received invites which don't have my name on and ones which do and in both cases there was no confusion as to who was invited etc. Hope this helps.
    • Flossie
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: May 13th 2016
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    I agree with the above - as long as the names are written on the envelope, I don't think it will matter :)

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    18th June 2016
    • KirstyR386
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: May 13th 2016
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    Just be careful if you need to specify who is being invited for example if you're not having children as some people may not remember what was on the envelope. X
    • InDreamland
      Got married 7 years ago
      Posted: May 14th 2016
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    We didn't have names on the actual invitations, just on the envelope they were addressed to. Then specified clearly on the additional info sheet we were having a child free wedding with the exception of immediate family.

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    • MariaM238
      Posted: May 16th 2016
    Thanks everyone for the comments, I decided to write the names on the RSVP card :-) x
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