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    • CrystalN
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Sep 11th 2014
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    Can anyone help me? Iv fallen in love with a dress that is waaaay out of my price range but can't even find anything similar to it I tried it on thinking I could look for a presented one but as it's so new there aren't any Does anyone no of a reasonable priced dressmaker I could go to for a similar style x
    • CommentAuthorMidgetGem89
      Posted: Sep 12th 2014
    where r u? i cnt rly help i just know when i asked a dress maker about a dress i liked she was saying 800-1200...

    have u tried the dress on already or just picture u like? if itd a picture i suggest forgetting about it as you may end up going for completely dif style to it when u do try them on... if u have tried it sadly i doubt ull beat it lol... i wouldnt try anything on over your budget its always bound to happen you will love it bt cnt have it

    fingers crossed u sort it :-) x
    • RaeA
      Posted: Sep 12th 2014
    I will probably be in trouble for saying this but...
    Have a look on eBay, at the sellers from China. I know that not everyone is keen, but to be honest pretty much everyone I've spoken to, online and in person that have bought a dress from China, have been delighted with it!
    They are a fraction of the cost, for starters!
    Either that, or look at bridesmaid dresses in the colour of the wedding dress you want and see if you can find one similar. Again, it will be much cheaper!
    Good luck x x x

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