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Wedding Forum - Help **closed**...

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    • SarahD821
      Posted: Apr 16th 2016
    its 2 weeks until our wedding to the day and my partner has dropped on me that hes not doing a speech. he wants to drop the speeches completely but the others have already put a effort into doing theirs. i also feel like we should at least say thanks and hand out the gifts. i know hes shy but 2 weeks before wedding this is stressing me out. i have said about me talking instead of him but have no idea what to say or if i should say anything in regards to him not doing a speech, im worried how it would come across. i dont particularly want to do a speech but really dont want to abandon all the speeches when i know the effort already put in by others and that it would upset others to say no at this stage. any ideas on what i could say
    • Glitterfairy
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: Apr 16th 2016
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    I've bumped the official thread on speeches, please direct your question there in order for others to see when looking for speech threads. Many thanks.

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