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Wedding Forum - Hard to look forward to it right now......

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    • CommentAuthorMrsManiatt
      Posted: May 20th 2014
    Hi all
    I'm feeling rather sorry for myself.

    As I've said on here before, I have put on weight in the past year and felt really crappy about it. So I have been eating well and exercising whenever I got the chance. I have also recently been made redundant, so have been trying to focus on the wedding as a good point. I started interval training on the treadmill - walking for a bit then all out running for a bit. After a week of 4 sessions of this and healthy eating I lost 4lbs and 3" from around my body...

    Then the next day I couldn't walk. I couldn't straighten my leg or put any weight on it. I put on my knee support which I've always kept due to issues with my other knee, and put ice on it every night, hoping it would get better on its own. 10 days later and it had only gotten worse, leading me to go to the drs and then a&e about it yesterday. A side effect of this is that all the weight I have lost since Christmas, I have put back on through being immobile.

    I have torn a ligament in my knee, which the Dr gave me really strong meds for and told me to take exercising easy for a while. On top of not being able to exercise fully, the meds side effects are making me feel sick and unable to do anything to contribute to getting in shape and getting my body ready for the day. Its hard to even get the energy to cleanse and tone my face!

    With just over 2 weeks left this was the last thing I wanted, and it is so hard to look forward to it at the moment!
    I can't wait to feel better!
    • *KelBel*
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: May 20th 2014
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    Think of your health! I'd rather be healthy and not ill than worrying about the weight xx

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    • CommentAuthorMrsManiatt
      Posted: May 22nd 2014
    UPDATE :

    The tablets may make me feel like crap but my knee is healing! And H2B said the same as you kel - he'd rather have to roll me down the aisle than have an injured rake marrying him! And I even managed to hobble into town yesterday and buy some nice nightwear for the honeymoon, made me feel a hundred times better :)

    If anyone feels crappy before the big day I highly recommend honeymoon retail therapy! xxx
    • AprilS61
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: May 22nd 2014
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    Glad you're feeling a little better already, even if it is through shopping! Definetly look after self rather than worrying too much about it. Rather than exercising, can you focus on the food side? Lots of healthy meals, fruit and veg, smaller portions etc? Cutting out alcohol helps too if you drink.

    My mil also does slimming world and she's lost about 3/4 stone in a year. I know you're getting married in two weeks mind (lucky!) but ive heard it drops off to start with and just becomes about maintaining. That might be something you could do instead?


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    • Elinor Claire
      CommentAuthorElinor Claire
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: May 22nd 2014
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    That's a shame, but at least the knee is recovering. Calorie counting should still help you to lose some weight, and maybe you can do some exercises that don't put pressure on your knee. Will you be able to walk down the aisle without a limp? That would probably be my focus.

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    • CommentAuthorMrsManiatt
      Posted: May 22nd 2014
    Thanks ladies, I am calorie counting, and have been doing some minor exercises to tone up (eg lifting light weights for my arms). even if i manage to lose a little bit i will be happy!

    By then I should be able to walk without a limp, even if it hasnt gone completely, I can always lean on Dad as we walk down, and it will only be a slow walk so it shouldnt be as obvious as with a power stride! xxx
    • Velcro
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: May 25th 2014
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    aw bless, roll you down the aisle hahahaha, that tickled me, bless your h2b, glad you're feeling more positive hun :)

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