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Wedding Forum - Hair and make up - How to choose and what...

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    • jen1717
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: Jan 7th 2016
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    Hey ladies,

    So I am now looking at booking someone to do my hair and makeup and am a bit stuck. So I am not in the slightest bit girly and generally wear zero makeup and tie my hair back. Just to give you an idea on my knowledge of this subject!

    I have emailed and found some that might be good, their prices and fine and websites good. However, with all other suppliers I have had numerous questions and they have provided me with detailed info about themselves and their work and the emails have been quite long. For the hair and makeup, all I have thought of to put it...."how much do you charge and are you free" and all they reply with is "yes and £xxx".

    Lol. Should I be asking anything else??? I am obviously having a trial but the wedding is 18 months away so at the moment I am just wanting to secure a decent one for my date before they all get booked up. I don't have a clue what style I want but this is obviously something I would expect to wait until closer to the time.

    Then with regards to choosing one, what do I need to consider. They all have pics online which look great. The styles are not what I am after but if that is what the bride has chosen then I guess the stylist has done a good job.....? There are elements of what I am after over a range of pics so feel relatively happy they will achieve what I want. I just feel a bit clueless as to how I choose one!

    I was thinking about just going to them for a trial now (any paying) just to check I don't look like a drag queen and that we get on. My budget is really tight though so I would rather not, but how else do I know I have chosen a good 'un?


    Oh and PS I am in Hampshire if any brides have a recommendation to save me the headache!
    • Flossie
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Jan 7th 2016
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    I chose my MUA and hair stylist based on my impression of them and the reviews they had from other people. If they have a FB page check that out too as there will be more reviews on there and probably more pics of their previous work. I'm not having my trial until closer to the time and am not 100% sure what I want yet, but I am trusting that my MUA and hair stylist will have the experience and knowledge to know what will work on me and what won't, so I wouldn't stress about finalising about what you want yet. I would however definitely recommend having a trial at some point before the wedding so that you can find what works and what doesn't and know exactly what you will look like on the day xx

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    18th June 2016
    • SumanthaM
      Posted: Jan 7th 2016
    Whoever you are making an enquiry with will probably in the first instance need to know the date to check their availability and then whether their price is okay for you. If you give them the nod, they should really be taking the lead - if they don't then maybe you should look elsewhere.

    The sort of things they should be asking/discussing:

    - what sort of look you have in mind
    - what sort of looks you don't like
    - your outfit and colours
    - accessories

    They should also communicate with you with pictures from you/them so that they have a clear idea of your preferences and taste - all of this should happen before the trial (in my view).

    I hope that helps.
    • KirstyR386
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Jan 9th 2016
      Is poweruserJust marriedBadgeBadge
    It might be worth setting up a p!nterest board and pick the photos from their work that you like, even if you only like one element of what has been done ans explain why. It would also help if you have pics of things you don't like so they know what to avoid.
    Its likely you won't decide how to have your hair until you have your dress and veil or other hair pieces if you are having them as a one shoulder dress for example may mean you want you hair swept to the side.

    For questions for them I would ask if there is any extra cost for travel to you on the day, how much bridesmaids/flower girls/MOB will be if your choosing to have them done too (or if they are paying for it themselves so they know), what sort of time they think they would need to start on the day if they are doing you and x number of bms so you can start thinking about how your morning will run, especially if it is the same person doing hair and make up as they only have one pair of hands. X
    • JessieT49
      Posted: Jan 16th 2016
    Its worth having it done early in the morning and seeing how well it still looks by the evening x
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