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Wedding Forum - Gretna Green **closed**...

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    • georgie
      Got married 7 years ago
      Posted: Aug 22nd 2012
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    Hi, has anyone got married / getting married at gretna green? We really want to get married abroad but looking expensive (unless im going wrong somewhere) so thought maybe there then a honeymoon instead?x

    • TeganandRob
      Got married 7 years ago
      Posted: Aug 22nd 2012
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    What's your total budget Gerogie. We've saved money by doing it abroad but depending on what your budget is and how many guests you want the price can go up.
    • weemindyxx
      Getting married in 7 months
      Posted: Aug 22nd 2012
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    awww gretna green is lovely, i have passed there before and seen a

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    • Lulu1388
      Got married 7 years ago
      Posted: Aug 22nd 2012
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    We were originally looking at doing it abroad also, especially considering the amount of people who said it can be quite cheaper to do it there. And we had plenty of issues with family members so would of been so nice to just run away to a lovely sunny beach, however we have decided to do the honeymoon in the sun instead. One main factor is the ones we actually wanted there we may have had to help pay to fly out so in reality wouldn't of worked out any cheaper than what we are doing now.

    My sister in law was planning on getting married in Gretna Green for the same reason as most, allowing for smaller party and also budget. However in researching she found some better venues/prices in the Lake District...I don't know if you have looked or considered there?

    As TeganandRob said, it also depends on your actual budget xx

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    • Mrs S
      CommentAuthorMrs S
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: Aug 22nd 2012
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    Hi, i got married at Gretna Green - its perfect! Cost about £500/£600 for everything at the mill forge & that was including 2 nights stay, obv then you add your dress & everything els yourself. It cost in total about £2000. They do everything for you its perfect.
    • KerryBolderson2be
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Oct 13th 2015
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    so, here it goes. we are now thinking about gretna green instead of a registry office. i have looked on the website and they offer packages just for the bride and groom and provide the witnessess which i think is perfect for me.(i suffer bad from anxiety and i think having my family around me is too much, i much prefer a private ceromany just me and my oh). anyway has anyone done this before. how did u get on. the package i have found is the romance package at the mill forge which is £445 obviously price dependant to 2017 it includes ceromany venue, 2 nights in the bridal suite intimate 4 course meal for bride and groom, bucks fizz on arrival, sparkling wine to celebrate, witnesses if required (something we need) and a wedding planner assistance.. now how did this work for you guys like on the day of the wedding not letting the groom see the dress & obviously help getting into the dress. transport is it something thats needed tp get to the ceromany, is the 2 nights stay near?. and obviously we want photography how did you choose your photographer.. and most importantly what did you do after in terms of the meal and everything else ? arghh im pulling my hair out

    Sorry for the long post im trying to find something thats perfect for us and gretna green sounds just that, but not making any decisions without hearing other peoples opinions and storys oof how theirs went. p.s i have never been to a wedding only seen it on the tv so i have no idea thankyou xxx

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