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Wedding Forum - Getting married in Jamaica through a travel...

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    • RubyB43
      Getting married in 2 months
      Posted: Aug 3rd 2019
    Hi. Im getting married in Jamaica next year, as we thought it would be easier and cheaper to combine the wedding with a honeymoon. I have a very big family and a good selection of friends, but I am completely on my own organising this wedding. I'm only having a matron of honour, but as she knows I have a big family, she probably thinks I will have them to help me with most of the intital planning that has to be done here, so she hasn't said anything. The few family members that have said they will go, only talk about how expensive it is to go and are waiting for the flights/hotel prices to go down before booking. None of my family has asked me about any of my plans; the dress, the evening reception (we are having a small one in the UK) and I am the youngest of 6 daughters! Even my close friends invited to the evening reception haven't acknowledged they received an invitation, or got in touch. I think the most dissapointing part for me personally is the travel agent we've booked with. Their only interest is in the holiday, although they offer a wedding package through them, they pass you on to someone in another country, who you barely hear from. There is no face to face wedding coordinator here, which is what I expected was standard, that we could sit down and discuss what you want, brochures etc..I just have to collect ideas and email them all to Jamaica and wait for a response. It feels like I'm organising and inviting everyone to an everyday bbq, not something as important as a wedding. I just feel very removed from all the excitement and enthusiasm of getting married, because there's noone to help me or talk to. Has anyone else had an experience of planning a wedding abroad like this or does it depend where you get married and who you book with?
    • CharleneO677
      Getting married in 9 months
      Posted: Apr 28th 2020

    Sorry to hear you are feeling down.

    I wouldn't recommend relying soley on a travel agent especially if they're not being very helpful!

    I'm planning a destination wedding (Abu Dhabi) for a couple in January who are based in Newcastle and I'm based in London.

    As its a wedding its best to hire a wedding planner and a travel agent.

    Hope this helps!
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