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    • DonnaH39
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Jul 28th 2015
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    Okay, so I'm not getting nervous as such, but I'm getting very frustrated with people.

    The wedding is less than 2 weeks away and I'm trying to work out the logistics of things and noone seems to be cooperating. The flowers have been delivered and I was saying about how we could take them to my mums well in advance along with some other things-as that's where I'll be getting ready. But she is in the process of moving house and her new house is no where near ready, but she wants us to get ready there, her old house isn't suitable so the back up is my Auntie's house-but everytime I mention that my mum gets funny. But I don't wanna leave all our bits at my mums new house as it's like a dusty building site at the moment. I don't know if it will be ready in time to be honest.

    Then talking about getting there in the morning she was asking if my bridesmaid would park at my Auntie's so there is room for our wedding cars, I said how it'd be better if we could get a lift as she'll want her car the morning after. I was thinking who could give us a lift and thought of my other bridesmaids husband, I said ooo he could get ready with us if it were easier for him and my mum got really funny saying there's going to be too many people and it will look messy for my photo's. I tried explaining that, that's kinda how things are the morning before a wedding (I tried explaining that as a pro for us going to my Aunties as well as there will be a lot of mess but she isn't having it)

    Then we got onto my nanna, who doesn't drive-I asked who was taking her and my mum said ''Teresa I think'' but noones asked Teresa, so I'm concerned that the morning of the wedding we're going to be having arguments over who is getting my nanna.

    • Becci93
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: Jul 28th 2015
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    By the sounds of things you're getting stressed over everyone else being disorganised..

    It's your big day so you need to focus on you having the best possible day; if you're worried about your nanna getting there maybe you should arrange her a lift so you can stop worrying?

    The main thing is that you cut out any stress because if you're anything like me stress leads to spots!

    Explain to your mum that things are getting overwhelming for you and tell her you need to make decisions now as to where you're getting ready to put your mind at rest

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    • Elinor Claire
      CommentAuthorElinor Claire
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Jul 28th 2015
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    I wonder if it might be worth creating a written timetable with jobs listed for everyone, and giving copies to everyone who has anything to do. You could then include things like who is giving a lift to your Nanna. My SIL did that and it was really helpful, we all knew where and when we were needed. Maybe storing things at your Auntie's house for now would be a good idea if she doesn't mind? I'm guessing that your Auntie and your Mum are not far away from each other as you're talking about someone parking at your Auntie's.

    As for where you get ready, you may just need to be firm, you need to be somewhere that is tidy and organised.

    Regarding the bridesmaid's husband, actually you might be better off not having him there if it can be avoided. It does get crowded and confused, especially when photographer and hairdresser are there. Everyone gets in everyone else's way and if he doesn't have anything to do he might feel like he is just in the way. Perhaps he could drop the bridesmaid off and then take the car home?

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