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Wedding Forum - First time bride dress not white...

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    • DGloomS563
      Getting married in 14 months
      Posted: May 26th 2020
    i'm 22 and getting married for the first time, big white wedding dresses really aren't my thing, I have tried them on and absolutely hated them, I have bought wedding dress with just my mum and went for a dipped hem tea-length silver lace dress, I have absolutely fallen in love with it! However, after showing it to my friends they were horrified at my 'grey' dress, I keep seeing all these brides in white and i know it's traditional, should i go with tradition or keep my silver dress, are there any brides out there that got married in non-traditonal dresses?
    • EmmaW6081
      Posted: Jun 1st 2020
    You do what you want, it's your day not theirs! if it makes you happy then stick with it! I've not got my dress yes but i'm not planning on going for white!
    • MetalliCat
      Getting married in 18 months
      Posted: Jun 4th 2020
    It's your wedding - wear what you want, as long as you're comfortable & happy in it.
    When you put it on & look in the mirror, does it make you feel that it's the right dress for you?
    I'm certainly not going for a white/ivory/cream dress.
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