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    • Lala
      Getting married in 4 months
      Posted: 2 days ago
    Looking for someone advice re family issues that’s causing me so much stress that I can’t even enjoy planning my wedding. My brother and my sis in law (who was supposed to walk me down the isle and be my maid of honour as we have lost our parents) will no longer be attending my wedding due to my H2bs choice of best man as they said they can’t be in the same room as him. They dislike his brother due to him sending my sis n law inappropriate messages a few years ago (this is the type of guy he is). My hb2 didn’t speak to him for over a year not for this reason but was hurting as they were really close before. My h2b asked me if I was happy if he sorted things out with him as he would regret not having him there on this day, I explained my dislike of him but wld support him if it made him happy I cld grin and bare it for that day. Now my brother and sis n law have pulled out I never thought for one minute this would be the outcome they have basically said my h2b has put his brother before me I’ve backed him up and if I had the same loyalty to them things might have worked out. I’m now in the position where I don’t know how I can sort this. I should have maybe spoke to my brother beforehand but I genuinely didn’t think it would stop him from being there for me they never once said they wouldn't be there if he was there they said I must have known and they are accusing me of taking the piss out of them thinking everything was all rosey. Any help would be much appreciated my h2b wants his brother there and the only way my brother will be is if he’s not. This situation is killing me that his bro will be there and mine can’t to the point I want to cancel everything I’ve contacted the hotel but will loose half of the cost of the wedding if I do.
    • DrA
      Getting married in 11 months
      Posted: 2 days ago
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