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Wedding Forum - Family Dilemma...

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    • GemmaR81
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Jul 27th 2014
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    So I have a massive family with loads of cousins and they have children as well. I was thinking of sounding them all out to see who would actually make a trip from Worcester/Exeter up to Scotland. The trouble is our numbers during the day are very limited, so was thinking of just inviting aunties and uncles to the whole thing, then cousins and their children to the ceremony, then to the evening reception. Does that seem strange or do you think that it is a reasonable alternative as I cant have all of them during the day. We are a close family and that would be why I would want them there. However if only a few of them decide that that can afford to come up here for a long weekend then I am sure the numbers could stretch for a few of them. How would I word it though??? xxx

    • MrsCross2be
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Jul 27th 2014
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    We had a similar dilema but not so much of a distance Northwich to Preston. We went with Aunts and Uncles to the day making us 60 to the day and cousins to the evening to make it up to 120.
    All aunts and uncles are coming bar 1. Cousins - the majority are coming but we are down to about 104 in the evening. Some of the cousins are coming from Australia! Some are coming to see us married in Church and then going off to Blackpool for the afternoon and returning in the evening.
    All of them understand the issue as they realise they are a big family. I wouldnt fuss too much about it as long as you are happy.
    Invite A/U to the day and cousins to the evening and maybe if numbers drop due to distance you could bump up some cousins who are maybe travelling the furthest?
    • *KelBel*
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Jul 27th 2014
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    We're having ours close by and I haven't invited aunties/uncles to the day on my mums side because I don't see them x

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