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    • CommentAuthorMidgetGem89
      Posted: Sep 7th 2014
    wasnt sue where to put this...

    our wedding is 3.30 photos then go to venue about 7mile away so few min drive...
    we are having an arrival buffrt just small so people arent going the full night with just 1 buffet(which will be full wack finget buffet with hot beef sarnys curry rice chips the lot lol i cnt wait!)

    anyway what order would you do stuff, we arent having speakes maybe just the quick thankyou. if people want to say something they can but if not im not fussed its something im not a fan of anyway!..

    when would you cut the cake, start buffet, first dance dad daughter dance and start of disco

    whats is your schedule?! just need some help with figuring out when to do stuff!
    • CommentAuthorMidgetGem89
      Posted: Sep 7th 2014
    • sALLY
      Posted: Sep 7th 2014
    Hi mine is looking like this at the mo

    travel back to venue for photos and drink
    cut the cake for photo reasons

    dj setting up for 7pm start and will be playing music in the background
    greet everyone
    cut cake
    first dance

    the venue has set me up a timetable of timings and i just need to alter it accordingly, so its up to you really what order you want things they just suggest food first so your not interupting dancing and people arent walking away from the dance floor.
    you dance after food as its ment to encourage people to come dance
    • sALLY
      Posted: Sep 7th 2014
    forgot to put speeches before the meal
    • CommentAuthorMidgetGem89
      Posted: Sep 7th 2014
    thanks :-) with it not being very "formal" i wasnt sure which was best way to do stuff without it looking either too structured or too all over the place! im thinking wedding photos greet everyone. drinks n nibbles say a few words then cut the cake and then start the rest... bring the other food with some quiet music me n h2b have first dance then party. buffet will have plenty food to keep ppl going :-)
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