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    • Zotastic
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: Aug 2nd 2014
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    Hello everyone, We are getting married 24.10.15 and really only having a family wedding. This means that they are all older people therefore we feel would not really get up and dance if we booked a dj or anything like that. Has anyone got any ideas as what to do instead. The venue we are looking at having does have a skittle alley but again i dont think they would be up for it. Most of my side of the family dont drink either and im worried about people being bored. We are having a three course meal but its just what to do after the first dance etc. Any help or tips would be appreciated :) x
    • WelshBrideBethan2015
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Aug 3rd 2014
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    By older do you mean elderly or 40-60 age groups ?
    You maybe surprised with people dancing mind ! Maybe get live band and on invite with RSVP ask for fave songs and maybe get these on playlists ?
    At wedding fayres there has been so much options we have seen from casino to magicians or maybe a DIY photo booth thing for family group pics .

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    • Flossie
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: Aug 4th 2014
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    I would probably get a live band as Bethan said.. at least then they could watch them perform and appreciate the act, rather than just listening to the songs the DJ would play. If they want to get up and have a little boogie then they can but they can also have a great time and be thoroughly entertained sitting down :)

    What about a magician? X

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    • JennK
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Aug 4th 2014
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    We are having a band and a DJ, band will do a set in the middle and DJ will play as evening guests arrive and them after the band when everyone's a bit tiddly :)

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    • Elinor Claire
      CommentAuthorElinor Claire
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Aug 4th 2014
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    You might find that people will get up if you choose songs from their era. I've come across people including a music requests option with their invites, so people can choose music to dance to. Magic acts seem to go down well, as do comedians, although make sure you know that the humour is appropriate for the audience. Are their particular types of entertainment that your family enjoy? Would they enjoy watching a dance act or a music ensemble, or maybe something dramatic? Or what about getting people up to offer turns themselves? At my twin brother's wedding they invited guests to get up and perform for everyone else, but there was no pressure. It was all worked out in advance so no one was put on the spot. I played flute, a few people sang, including some outstanding children, and someone did a genius dramatic recital of a Roald Dahl book entirely from memory. We finished with someone calling some ceilidh dances. Actually a ceilidh might be another idea. The dancing is generally simple and the band will have a caller who will talk through the steps. Everyone has a great laugh, especially when they get in a muddle.

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    • KatieH
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: Aug 4th 2014
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    We are having a dj and a singer. The dj will play as the evening guests arrive as seeing as there will be a few kids we were thinking on getting the dj to play some action songs for them and then the singer will sing for an hour or so and then the dj will play again after the buffet has been served.

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    • JaneH61
      Posted: Aug 5th 2014
    Get an acoustic guitar band in, a duo that will sing plenty Beatles and old and modern hits to keep everyone happy. It will still keep everyone entertained! Have a look at Rock My Reception, they play at my Mother in Laws wedding last March and were perfect for that kind of party.
    • JasminH9
      Posted: Aug 5th 2014
    Yeah a little bit of entertainment into the evening/night would keep everyone entertained!
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