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Wedding Forum - Engagement party!!...

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    • DanielleL455
      Getting married in 21 months
      Posted: Jun 7th 2020
    Hi lovely people! Quick question id love to do a DIY engagement party (all decorations, food, etc...) but we live in an apartment! No garden and my family live all over the country so no family or friends gardens to use ! Don’t mind if it’s an indoor or outdoor venue but does anyone know if it’s possible to hire somewhere where I can do everything - was thinking a village hall type thing but if there is no bar how does it work with alcohol are people allowed to bring their own? Maybe a location where we can hire a marquee and provide alcohol, again no idea how to go about this? Tia for any help, know it sounds confusing but I just want to be able to do everything ourselves so it can be just how we want it... we’re in Wigan btw incase anyone has specific venues in mind but willing to go as far as Manchester/Liverpool! Xxx
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