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    • ANNES74
      Getting married in 2 weeks
      Posted: Mar 19th 2018
    Hi everyone, myself and my H2B will be hosting our engagement party for our immediate family and close friends (around 30 people). But one of my bridesmaids has asked if she can bring one of her friends as a +1. It's a girl I have met but not in the same friendship circle and so wouldn't be invited to the wedding... so do I say yes? On the one hand I think its a bit awkward, plus the bridesmaid will know others at the party, but on the other I don't want to make a big fuss, maybe she just wants some company? Advice welcome!
    • InDreamland
      Got married 7 years ago
      Posted: Mar 20th 2018
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    It really annoys me when people do this. I would say if it bothers you then say invitation only for family and friends and no acquaintances...........

    A friend of mine just decided, didn't even ask, that she was bringing her best mate (someone I have no time for after she treated the same friend badly) to my hen weekend! I wish I had said something. Same friend also insisted her BF come as her plus 1 to our weeding (idiot who i really hate because again he treated her badly once that I know of amd had her in tears - plus he made idiotic comments to my OH too) . Again wished I put my foot down but wanted least amount of grief - ge ruined a group shot photo by stabding right in the front in the middle whwhere those prime spots should only really be for close family and friends. The one I wanted to use in the official album I had our photographer cleverly cut him out. Thing is, she knew loads of people at my hen and wedding as we're part of a same friendship group.

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