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    • RachelM708
      CommentAuthorRachelM708Getting married in 7 weeks
      CommentTimeDec 17th 2018
    I took my wedding dress to a local and well known dry cleaners on Saturday. I only needed the creases ironed out as I'm due to be married in 3 month's.

    Collected the dress yesterday and got told the dress must of been worn as there has been drinks spilt down the dress and blue dye on the dress.

    I haven't got married yet, dress was made for me to my measurements kept at fml's house in its dress bag in a wardrobe until the summer as she sadly passed away and since then kept in it's dress bag in a wardrode.
    The blue dye is the excate same colour as the dry cleaners ironing board and in the shape of the iron.
    Dry cleaners are refusing liability for damaging my wedding dress but did give me a refund on what it cost to iron the dress.

    I'm am taking it further but was I right in refusing then to send the dress away to be tested for them to see if they were at fault.
    • lala "mod" bunni
      CommentAuthorlala "mod" bunniGot married 6 years ago
      CommentTimeDec 20th 2018
    if you do let them send it - although I'm not sure what they would be "testing" for - take lots of pictures with a tape measure next to marks so you can show the sizes.
    They obviously did not apply due care and attention when dealing with your dress

    • RachelM708
      CommentAuthorRachelM708Getting married in 7 weeks
      CommentTimeDec 20th 2018
    Thankfully I did before pics of the dress before taking it to the dry cleaners and when I got the dress home on Sunday the first thing I did was take pictures of the dye marks and water marks. The dry cleaners are refusing that the dye etc came from them.
    I also managed to take the dress to another different dry cleaners to ask if they would be able to get the dye out and remove the water marks and thankfully they have. I also got an independent report from them.
    • lala "mod" bunni
      CommentAuthorlala "mod" bunniGot married 6 years ago
      CommentTimeDec 22nd 2018
    That's fantastic, most definitely contact the first company head offfice - the ceo is always a good bet, I can find an email address - tell them you have before & after photos, that you have an report and that you are expecting them to not only repay ALL money you have paid out but also expect to be compensated for the trauma & stress this caused you, or you will have option to take them to the small claims court and will happily give your story to the press

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