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    • LukeW2
      Got married 9 months ago
      Posted: Aug 11th 2020
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    Hi Everyone, I would be grateful if somebody could help out and give their perspective on my current situation. Me and my soon to be Wife had our wedding arranged for this year however due to the pandemic, we’ve had to rearrange for September 2021 which isn’t a problem for either of us. Given that there has been a slight delay, my partner wishes to get married at a registry office later this year before the ceremony next September. I don’t see the appeal to this and I believe it would make the ceremony next year pointless given that we will already be married. I don’t want any regrets looking back at our special day and I believe that this will be one as it was not our original plan. I would like somebody to share their perspective and provide a meet in the middle idea if you think it’s appropriate.
    • JocelynG60
      Got married 13 months ago
      Posted: Sep 22nd 2020
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    Hi Luke,
    Sorry you’ve had to postpone.
    Is there a reason your wife to be wants to be legally married before your new wedding date? Maybe is she sees it as something nice for her to hold onto in light of your day being postponed?
    At your wedding next year is there an option to have a legal ceremony there or was it always going to be a blessing? Even if you are legally married before then, it would still be a lovely opportunity to celebrate your marriage with friends and family.
    Hope that helps

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