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    • RebeccaA697
      CommentAuthorRebeccaA697Getting married in 14 months
      CommentTimeNov 20th 2017 edited
    My cousin is going to have her wedding next Summer, she is considering about the hairstyles for her wedding and she wants the long hair but with actually a ombre lob girl. So I told her 2 choices, the hairstyles for ombre lob like these-[link removed], or she can go with a hair extension to create a heatless hairstyle or the elegant braid such as the loop braid-[link removed]
    Any ideas for me, thanks.

    EDIT -Links removed as they are not permitted on the forum, you can add pictures to your post if you are a power user, or you can message the pictures to a power user who can add them onto your post for you.
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